Colorado Couples Retreats
       Get away. Come home connected!


  Colorado Couples Retreats exists to build and strengthen couples' most important relationship on earth! 

Denver, the Front Range, and the Rocky Mountains areas of Colorado are the perfect destination to experience as a couple. Numerous activities await couples who visit this beautiful state! Come for a marriage or couples retreat or workshop, and add on some relaxation and fun to your itinerary.

Some of the many services offered are professional couples counseling, premarital counseling, marriage counseling and marriage enrichment experiences, couples workshops, and couples classes in Denver, Colorado, and in surrounding cities and world-class Colorado mountain destinations.

Alex Avila is the primary facilitator offering Hold Me TightTM Couples Workshops in Colorado. He has thoroughly enjoyed facilitating the Hold Me TightTM workshop over 15 times since 2011! 

Whether you are seeking to launch a new relationship or marriage with a strong foundation, you feel you and your partner never really had a deep connection, or you desire to rekindle a romantic fire that was once there, you've come to the right place.

Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy (EFT) is the most successful couple therapy model substantiated by research. Learning EFT through the Hold Me Tight program, couples can quickly learn how to extinguish old negative patterns and cycles and learn new ways of relating that can transform how they see each other!

Couples counseling will provide a private, personalized experience to take this learning and application much deeper. Intensive couple therapy is available with flexible scheduling options. Some couples have found it helpful to attend the Hold Me Tight workshop before or after several sessions of private couple counseling.

Your relationship is worth it! It is time to take the next step. Read the powerful testimonies of other couples just like you who experienced a relational shift and are now enjoying a deeper connection! Then, get registered!
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